We believe there are 4 main reason why corporations, startups, and free lancers are working from Coworking sites throughout Orange County.


Reduction in Overhead Costs – Coworking workspaces can significantly reduce overhead. Many of the costs and monthly expenses are built in and often shared across the membership.


Flexibility – Shared spaces offer the flexibility to scale up or down based on need. This flexibility allows corporations large and small to adapt/respond quickly to changing markets. In addition, many coworking spaces offer flexible payment options so corporations pay for only for what they need in a specific location. For example, a startup operation may only need access to a conference room two times a week, yet need desk space once a week. Pre coworking/shared spaces it would be next to impossible to find affordable space in Orange County to fit such a specific need.


More Offices = More Coverage – Many corporations are utilizing the sheer number of coworking/shared spaces locations to help reach/develop new markets. In addition, multiple locations can help young companies to appear much larger then they are.


Access to Freelancers and 1099 Employees – Lastly, coworking/shared spaces allow businesses to collaborate with experienced freelancers.

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